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Fuse Access Door Panel - John Deere 55/60 Series

Fuse Access Door Panel - John Deere 55/60 Series

31st Jul 2014

Looking for a Fuse Access Door Panel for a John Deere 55/60 series tractor?

If you have spent any time looking for a fuse panel more than likely you have come up empty. They are no longer available from John Deere. In fact, fuse access door panels for the 55/60 series have been unavailable for the past 6 or 7 years.

You can search in the salvage yard and hope to find one in good condition...

...or better yet, you can now get one brand new.

Benefits of the 55/60 series fuse access door panel

The fuse access door is the same as the oem part. Same material. Same vinyl.

You can easily access you fuse panel without removing the entire cowl kit. 

And better yet you don't have to scrounge around in old used equipment to find it.

Now available at, the Fuse Access Door Panel fits the following John Deere models.

  • 4055
  • 4255
  • 4455
  • 4555
  • 4755
  • 4955
  • 4560
  • 4760
  • 4960